Pediatric Dialysis Adequacy (Kt/V) Calculator

HD Adequacy Calculator

Dialysis modality
Days since last dialysis
Post-dialysis BUN
Total body water (Vurea)
Residual kidney function (Kru)

Total body water (TBW)

Total body water (dry) mL

Session adequacy

target URR ≥70% (min 65%)
Urea reduction ratio (URR) %
target spKt/V ≥1.4 (min 1.2)
Single pool Kt/V (spKt/V)
target eKt/V ≥1.4 (min 1.2)
Equilibrated Kt/V (eKt/V)

Standard weekly Kt/V

target ≥2.3 (min 2.1)
stdKt/V, fixed volume, no Kru
stdKt/V, variable volume, no Kru

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